Turkey Compress

Formerly known as the Memphis Cotton Compress in Turkey, Texas, our renamed facility, Turkey Cotton Compress is a Commodity Credited Corporation (CCC) approved facility sitting on over 45 acres. WGCM expects to warehouse more than 20,000 bales per year with the very real possibility of expansion, an easy move given that the site already has the foundation for another warehouse with the capacity of storing an additional 16,000 bales.

Ambitious plans like these illustrate WGCM’s determination to do what's best for its customers. Mark Costa, WGCM CEO, explained, "A facility in the heart of the major cotton producing state in the United States is a natural choice."  Highlighting WGCM’s future, he continued, "We’re in here for the long term which further emphasizes our commitment to doing what’s right for the cotton customer."

WGCM is continually looking for ways to develop and maintain services to its suppliers and customers throughout the world.